Hello ladies, today I want to share with you some tips on how to glow up. Sometimes in life we must stop and realize that we must change or improve different aspects of our life. I believe it´s important that as women we glow up, improve ourselves and just try to be the best versions of ourselves. WeSigue leyendo “HOW TO GLOW UP:”

Discovering your own style

Hey everyone, today I want to talk to you about discovering your own style. I know we have heard the words fashion and style a lot, but they are really different terms. Fashion can be the prevailing style of the moment, while style is how you combine that fashion with your essence and personal tastes.Sigue leyendo “Discovering your own style”

Oufit ideas to wear leather jackets/Ideas de outfits con tu jacket de cuero

¡Hola, chicas como están! Les saluda Jessi, espero estén muy bien durante esta cuarentena. Hoy les compartiré algunas ideas sobre cómo usar una leather jacket de distintas formas. Para mi una chaqueta negra de cuero equivale a un prenda dinámica y multifacética, ya que la pueden usar en tiempos soleados y nublados y verte bienSigue leyendo “Oufit ideas to wear leather jackets/Ideas de outfits con tu jacket de cuero”

Loving yourself in the daily routine

Self-love, to me is the element that will determine how fully we live our lives. If we constantly wake up in the morning feelings insecure, not valuing ourselves, I promise people around us that do not have their best intentions will take advantage of that and we will walk around feeling irrelevant, affecting our dailySigue leyendo “Loving yourself in the daily routine”

Conoce Toledo conmigo

Reseña Histórica Hoy te invito a conocer Toledo, mayormente conocida como la antigua capital del imperio español y declarado Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO desde 1986. Las calles de Toledo encierran dos mil años de historia, mezclando diferentes culturas y religiones, como la cristiana, musulmana y judía. Que la ciudad esté rodeadaSigue leyendo “Conoce Toledo conmigo”

Puerta de Sol and my favorite Foods in Madrid

In this blog I want to share with you just some of the beautiful places I visited in Madrid, one of them being Puerta de Sol. Puerta de Sol Sol, the heart of Madrid, was the place I felt the best at considering the people and their motion, the streets and shops nearby, the bars,Sigue leyendo “Puerta de Sol and my favorite Foods in Madrid”

Fashion: The Do´s and Don’ts

I believe in fashion, as in life, there are certain rules we must follow. In this article we will be talking about the top do´s and don’ts that in my opinion should be followed in the fashion world. Just so you know, I am no fashion expert but reading about the latest trends and combiningSigue leyendo “Fashion: The Do´s and Don’ts”

Madrid Royal Palace

My arrival to Madrid was a little bit chilling. I knew the temperatures were quite low during November and I took some cute and big coats, but I realized I didn´t have the special clothing to survive the streets so I ran off the Primark to buy some thermal socks. Buying those black thermal socksSigue leyendo “Madrid Royal Palace”