Hello ladies, today I want to share with you some tips on how to glow up. Sometimes in life we must stop and realize that we must change or improve different aspects of our life. I believe it´s important that as women we glow up, improve ourselves and just try to be the best versions of ourselves. We must have an internal and external glow up.  I will be working on a series of articles on ways of glowing up mentally. Below, a list of things you can do to glow up ladies: 

  1. Drink more water.  

This is super important ladies. Drinking water will naturally hydrate out skin and make it look more radiant. Furthermore, drinking water makes us healthier and just have a natural glow up. I personally always start my day with two glasses of water in order to active my system, and drink coffee and water in the morning. During lunch and dinner, I avoid sodas or drinks with refined sugar and just go for the water or detox water! 

  1. Skincare routine.  

It doesn´t matter if you wear or do not wear makeup, you should always have a skincare routine because grease and dirt always accumulate on the skin throughout the day. You can start washing your face with cold water and soap (maybe neutrogena); put on a moisturizer and rose water tonic, and voila! 

  1. Exercise.  

This tip is more than known, but it is so important ladies!! If exercise is not part of your routine, I recommend you start with a 20-minute workout. Later, you will start gaining resistance and will be able to work other routines. I personally do Chloe Ting´s workouts. They are a little bit tiring and challenging but they leave me feeling so good and accomplished. I will share with you the links of the latest workouts I have been doing:  

Belly Fat Burner Workout  

Get Abs in 2 WEEKS 

Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge 

  1. Hair care. 

This is so important ladies!! I have been watching a lot of the miss universes of the past years and they have one thing in common: beautiful hair! I want to share with you my testimony on how they ruined my hair in a beauty salon in my country Honduras about a year ago. I went to bleach it blonde but the woman who did it bleached it in three colors: red, blonde and black. It was horrible people. I literally cried like for an entire week. So, I had to bleach it again in a normal color and I can´t explain to you the damage. Initially I didn´t feel the damage that hard but as weeks/months passed my hair started to deteriorate even more. Thank God this process happened during the quarantine. Now my hair is getting better, and I have implemented some actions to take care of it: No heat/good shampoo and conditioner/enough fruits and veggies/biotin samples.  

  1. Posture. 

Okay ladies, if you want to cause presence in a room, it is vital that you carry yourself with a good posture. It doesn´t matter if you are small 1,60 or 1,67 like me, you must carry yourself with grace.  


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