Hey guys I hope you are okay!! In this blog I want to share with you some points regarding how to get close to GOD! I really do not know your faith, but if you follow Jesus this post will be amazing for you. Since the past months I have felt a calling from God that I start using my social platforms to talk about him, specifically my blog. For the past months I honestly wasn´t feeling motivated, was I really going to push myself into motivating people when I just wasn’t feeling it? But I am on track again, enthusiastic and I am so so excited. I believe God was using the first months of 2021 to make me grow up a little more and gain new perspectives. So, returning to what I was saying, I felt this calling from Jesus that I should use my talents to invite people to get close to him, and I just feel like crying when writing this. So, what I want in this edition is to invite you to get closer to our savior, Jesus Christ! I promise he is so sweet and doesn´t judge, regardless of your past, flaws, etc. Even if you have parted away from him, you can always get close to him. He will fill any void in your heart I promise! So, we start with some tips to get closer to him!

  1. Have a daily date with him: establish some time in your agenda to talk to God. It can be a couple of minutes or maybe an hour, it depends on you. Disconnect from everything and just talk to him. Tell him about your day, your struggles, what you need help in, because he is your one loyal and true friend. Even if you haven´t talked to God in a BIG while, just do it and update him on your life. Personally, years ago my relationship with God was so stagnant that I will just thank him in a formal way and that´s not the relationship God wants to have with us. Recently I started to talk to God as a friend. Just telling him about my struggles, my pains, my happiness and basically just what was going on in my life. Now I just close the door and invite God in and tell him “I feel tired Father”, “I feel like not working today Father, help me”, “I need your comfort” or “I feel so excited and happy Father”. He wants to get involved in every single detail of your life and he is so in love with you.
  • Fear God: Fear God people, I do not say this in a way that you should feel literally frightened before your Father but that you should behave as his/her son or daughter. For instance, if you think you can go around humiliating people or putting people in a bad spotlight you should be aware that God is not a big fan of that. Be humble and please your father in heaven. God has made me such a more mature person and I fear him. I know that if I treat someone wrong maybe my parents on earth won´t reprimand me, but I know that my father who is in heaven will. God is love and he doesn´t want arrogant and critical spirits. Fall asleep with nothing but love and forgiveness in your heart. Sometimes human beings have great achievements in their CVs etc., and that is so amazing, but we should always remember that each accomplishment is because of GOD. Never take your talents and blessings for granted because they are a product of God´s mercy. Fear him, be humble.
  • Read your bible: I am not saying that you should start a challenge of finishing reading the whole bible before the year ends. I am saying that you should at least read a little bit of the bible in a daily way and reflect on the verses your read. You can read the whole bible but if you are not reflecting on the verses and stories and actually believing what God is saying about you, then what´s the point. I personally read bible verses or bible stories according to the situation I am passing through and it works so well with me. You can download the bible online or buy a paper one. Just as you read twitter, scroll through Instagram, or read the daily news, read the bible.
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  • Beware your surroundings: This is so important guys. You should always watch your surroundings, what music you are listening to, the conversations you listen, what series you are watching, the people you get along with, etc. The bible in Galatians 5:16 says “So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh”. If you get along gossipy, problematic people, don’t be surprised when you feel distanced from God. On the other hand, I believe Christians need to battle so much in this globalized world in controlling our environments, for instance, what personally helps me is to listen to Christian music, watch youtube blogs by Christian youtubers like Kian Wolfgang (love her) and get along with positive people that orient me towards God. I am catholic but I always watch evangelist preachers like Danilo Montero and Joel Osteen that give amazing advice.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tips, I will leave below some Christian music you can listen to:


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