Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful-CHRISTIAN BLOG-

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are doing okay! It has been a while since I last wrote, but I have been extremely focused on work and academics. The past days I have felt a message from God that I start sharing with you his word. I have decided to share with you articles that will get you closer to Christ. I don´t know the place you have put Jesus in your life or if you even believe in God, but my objective is that you consider Jesus Christ even for a moment. Today I will talk to you today about Luke 6:36, “Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful”.

A rule of life is that we will hurt others and others will hurt us, funny thing is we like people forgiving us when we screw up, but we tend to judge others and harden our hearts when someone hurts us. The bible invites us to be merciful, to have the kind of mercy we want Jesus Christ to have with us at the end of our lives. Hard thing is, forgiving others is not that easy. If you don´t guard your heart, you can fall into bitterness, vengeance or even hate, so you must stay aware that forgiveness can be hard, but it will make you free. If you want to forgive someone (a friend, family member, etc), but just can´t find the heart to do it sincerely, first confess your sins to Jesus Christ. Admit that you are a sinner before him, and that you have hurt others too. This is not for you to feel guilty; Jesus Christ already forgave you, but to humbly remind yourself that you are a sinner and imperfect too, just like the person who hurt you.

Secondly, ask the Lord for grace. The Lord should give you, by constant prayer, grace to forgive someone. This process can be painful, because in order to forgive others, you have to let go of the hurt. My advice is that you let yourself hurt and cry, create a wake for the hurt, and later let go. After that action, constantly pray. Pray in the mornings, pray during work, pray before falling asleep. Pray that Lord Jesus helps you to let go of the pain. Pray for the person that hurt you too. When we pray for the people who hurt us, God values that even more than us praying for the people we love.

The point of this article is that for you to have peace and be graceful in the Lord, you should forgive others. Be diligent about this. Free your heart and understand that as humans, we must ask for forgiveness and forgive others constantly.


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