Discovering your own style

Hey everyone, today I want to talk to you about discovering your own style. I know we have heard the words fashion and style a lot, but they are really different terms. Fashion can be the prevailing style of the moment, while style is how you combine that fashion with your essence and personal tastes. A lot of people drag around wearing outfits in which they don´t feel comfortable and that don´t really define who they are. I will share with you some tips on finding your own style.

  1. Look at your closet.

This step is fundamental. You must start looking at your closet, at each garment. Ask yourself if you feel like keeping that garment in your closet or not. If you want to quit your old looks that you believe don´t really define you take out of your closet those garments. Your heart will tell you which garments you should keep, and which garments do not.

  • Look for inspiration.

This step can be done continuously, I personally believe I do have my style defined but I always seek for new inspiration and ideas like platforms like pinterest. Create an album on your phone, computer or tablet named “inspiration outfits” with those outfits you really like seeing on pictures. Subconsciously those outfits you keep define how you would like to look and where your tastes are orientated.

I tend to look for fashion inspiration on other beautiful bloggers like Julia Berolzeihmer for example. I look up to her because I share a lot of aspects of my style with hers, like the love for dresses and floral garments.

buy garments that define yourself.
  • Start buying new garments.

After defining the outfits and styles you would feel comfortable in, you can start going shopping for some new garments. I know this is a process and that we can not spend our whole money on new clothes but try investing a little more on changing your style and reinventing your closet.

  • Don´t be afraid of trying your style.

I know the easiest thing we can do is to stay on the comfort zone of our old looks and outfits, but are you really enjoying it? Do you really feel like yourself wearing outfits that don´t feel speak for yourself? Don´t be afraid of trying your new outfits and garments, remember it is all about confidence.


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