Let´s take care of our money during the pandemic

We know COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways. Physically we should be distanced, we are feeling worried and in taking all the biosecurity precautions we fall into anxiety. On the other hand, this pandemic has impacted negatively on the economics. Thousand of people have lost their jobs, maybe a family member has gotten sick and you have bought awfully expensive medicines and paid for medical attention. The situation is terrible, but we must not lose focus and control in this situation.

Today I want to share some recommendations for you to take care of your money and finances during this pandemic.

  1. Focus and breathe

Maybe you have lost your job, must pay for debts or the house income has decreased. I know this can be tough and falling into an erratic anxious state is the easiest yet not the wisest thing to do. If you are under any of these situations you must focus and relax for you to think clearly and see things in a new perspective.

When you feel like falling into the negative thought spiral do not give in to panic and try to clear your thoughts. By clearing your thoughts, you will find solutions to your problem: a creative idea to earn money, or ways of understanding the situation.

  • Prioritize

During a pandemic, the wisest thing to do is save up money for any emergency. How can we achieve this? By prioritizing. Prioritize on what you really need to spend your money every month and plan what is due to pay. Forget about spending your money on unnecessary things like vanity. This is the time to focus on what is necessary like food, health, and shelter.

  • Habits
cooking at home is cheaper and healthier.

We tend to think that by staying all day at home our spending won´t be that high. This is not true considering our habits at home. We can save money at home by doing the following:

-cancel unnecessary subscriptions like tv platforms you don´t really watch.

-cook at home and chill with the whole delivery stuff. Ordering online is the new trend but we must be careful we do not get carried away by it.

-unplug appliances-if you leave your devices plugged when not using, I promise this is affecting your monthly bill and you are not even aware of it. Be conscient of your daily practices, yes even at home.

  • Seek new opportunities

This can sound cliché, but it is the ideal solution most of the time. We can´t spend our whole lives crying over spilled milk. Try selling products, be creative, apply for new jobs, assist to job interviews. Fortunately, we are living in a globalized world, where we can use technology to sell what we want and promote out brand.

People, I hope you consider this piece of advice and always be hopeful, no matter the circumstance. If you feel like talking you can email me at jessiarita7@gmail.com .


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