All about my skin care routine

Hey guys, I know that what we are currently living throughout the world is very difficult and anxiety often creeps in so I think it´s important that somehow we distract ourselves with positive things and other type of topics, topics that include selfcare and selflove so today I want to talk to you about my Skin Care Routine with some little ideas so you can adopt them too and start a skin care routine of selflove. It involves a series of questions, here we go.

  • What is the best face mask you recommend?

 I am all into natural masks I would recommend a mask consisting of natural yogurt, strawberries, and honey. You can try your mask once or twice a week, especially after a long day of sitting in front on your computer and hard work.

  • What do you recommend hydrating my skin with?

So, there is this one tip I got from a dermatologist: after washing your face always apply your moisturizer on a wet face. I have tried it and it leaves my skin so smooth. It is amazing. After applying your moisturizer let it dry naturally.

Regarding moisturizer I would recommend the Lancome Hydrazen and using some rose water in the morning and before going to sleep.

  • Do you exfoliate your lips? Can you please recommend something natural?

I personally tend to exfoliate my lips with some honey and sugar, or my typical body scrub of the moment with a toothbrush.

  • What to do you use for acne? 

I personally never suffered from acne but I do know you have to seek some expert health since each person is different and it could be caused because of hormones, or life style so the best is to go to a dermatologist. What I would recommend is that you haven´t searched for professional health always try natural things like rose water and drinking lots of water.

  •  What do you recommend for skin spots?

When I was in school I used to play a lot of soccer without sunscreen so I started to develop some skin spots all over my nose and I knew I had to take care of it quickly. I started taking care of my skin significantly with face sunscreen, and the right moisturizers. Till today there no spots on my skin.

     -What do you think about botox, do you recommend it? 

I have never used botox, a year ago I considered it for my lips, but I realized at 22 I wasn´t feeling secure enough about that decision. Right now, I all into natural beauty but I am not against botox. If you like it, go ahead. Maybe in a couple of years I will consider it again.

  •  What do you use to avoid getting an oily face after makeup? 

One year straight in the university I started wearing heavy lots of makeup and I noticed my skin used to get kind of oily. Later, I stopped wearing those heavy piles of makeup and my skin is naturally less oily.

  •  With all the hand washing we currently must do how do you take care of your skin?

Ugh I am going to be honest here, excessive hand washing had my skin like super dry and peeling so I had to start using a more delicate hand soap and some hand moisturizer of Ives Rocher. Ives Rocher Will always be my all-time product.

  • How do you take care of your eyelashes? 

I wore eyelash extensions for more than a year so basically I just had to go to maintenance and forget about the whole thing, but this year with all the quarantine and pandemia thing I let my extensions fall off since going to maintenance is hard during quarantine and it personally scares me getting ill and making someone ill of COVID-19 because of eyelash extensions and all the contact it involves. Currently I do not put a lot of mascara on my eyelashes and I use oil to take care of them.

  • What’s your skin type? 

Combination, dry in some ports and oily in the T zone.

  • What’s something you always need in your routine? 

Sunscreen if you are going out.

  •  What do you consume for your skin?

I recommend green smoothies; my last article is about that and it just works amazing for your skin. I recommend drinking lots of water and leaving behind sodas or sugary drinks.

  •  Is it good to clean your skin every day or we need to let it rest? 

Even if haven´t been wearing makeup or have been at home all day you should always clean your skin, in the morning and at night, after cleaning, moisturizing.


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