Healthy habits for a better lifestyle!

Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you about some healthy lifestyle tips for you to adopt. I know we tend to get carried away with our busy schedules, the fast foods, the stress and so much more. We are constantly bombarded with things to do and can forget that we must take care of our bodies and our minds. Today I want to share with you some tips you can start adopting to feel happier and more active. Remember, you don´t have to do start implementing them all at once, be patient with yourself and have fun.

Always at the end of the day before doing to sleep, ask yourself what you did during the day to take care of yourself and love yourself. Remember your body is a temple and if we want to be motivated and active, we should adopt some good and positive habits.

Here we go!

  1. Take care of your hygiene and moisturize: Use your favorite soap, shower with some relaxing warm water, and use your favorite perfume and deodorant. Taking care of your hygiene is basic for feeling great during the day, regardless if you are going to do home office or presential work. When you clean and moisturize you will feel so much better and your look and hair will look radiant.
  • Drink lots of water: I personally drink five liters of water daily because I don´t drink sodas or other types of beverages besides coffee. If you drink coffee it´s preferable that you drink it with a small amount of sugar. Remember that consistently drinking enough water will work wonders for your skin and you will feel more active during the day. Start saying goodbye to those sugary drinks.
  • Work out or do some yoga: I know it is quite a challenge to work out after a hard and long day, but working out some 20 minutes a day or more will make you healthier and happier. You can workout maybe three days a week and do yoga two days a week for a more mild and relaxing session.
  • Enough sleep: Personally, when I sleep eight hours a day, I feel okay and in a good mood, but I sleep just six hours or less I feel irritated, tired, and inactive. Taking care of your sleeping schedule is fundamental for a good lifestyle.
  • Positivity even during the most stressful moments: I know this is hard during a pandemic, or being surrounded by critical people but if you listen and talk negativity all day, if that´s what you consume, then that´s what you will be. Hang around kind happy people.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables: Maybe I am sounding cliché. But in the past, I confess I was never a big fan of fruits and vegetables, always opting for cookies and processed foods. But lately I have realized on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables for your health and inmune and cellular wellbeing.

Please try them and be patient with yourself. Love yourself, love your mind and body!


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