Studying during quarantine

This can include the task of doing homeworks too!

Many of us have to the wonderful task of studying during quarantine, whether they are tests for school, college, master´s degree etc. In my case, I have to study for my TOEFL and GRE exams I will do at the end of the year (if God allows). During quarantine it´s somehow hard to get the grip of a studying schedule since we are working at home, are bombarded with news and social media, have chores to do at home and overall we can tend to feel trapped in our house´s walls or less energized.

So today I will give you a little motivational list for the people who need to study during quarantine:

1. Establish the days of the week that you will be studying. It can be from Monday to Friday so you can get to rest mentally during the weekends.

2. Establish the schedule or the hours that you will be studying. For example, point out that you will study from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. taking a twenty minute break every two hours.

Remember to use your own personalized agenda.

3. Once you have religiously established this schedule, work on the weekly agenda and paste it somewhere near your work desk. It will remind you constantly of your studying hours.

4. Clean and organize your studying space, decorate it with some plants or motivational quotes. Search for a place near a window or a relaxing spot where not many people pass. Throw away old papers and stuff.

5. Start studying. Organize your working desk. Motivate yourself with some post its, colorful papers, your favorite markers and pencils. Focus on the task at hand and use your cellphone only on the twenty minute break.  You can use your computer for academic purposes.

6. During the breaks eat some fruit or some veggies to feel energized. Drink plenty of water or detox water.  You can stretch, take a walk around the house or pet your dog.

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7. Keep striving. You have to strive to feel motivated no matter the circumstance. Remember you are blessed enough to have access to education, a computer, etc. Don´t focus on the negative, recognize how fortunate you are.

Anyway guys, I know being in quarantine can make us feel helpless, less creative and just mentally exhausted. I have felt that way too. But we have to see this as a chance or opportunity to grow, professionally and personally. Do your homeworks, study and make yourself proud! Take care of yourselves. I love you. If you have a doubt or want to share other tips you can email me at


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