Five healthy habits you can start adopting during quarantine

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                       Five healthy habits you can start adopting during quarantine

By Jessi Arita

Today I want to share with you some healthy habits you can start adopting for this quarantine, they are not big challenges or out of hand things, so don´t demotivate yourself. Slowly and gracefully start taking care of your body and mind. Let´s start!

Number 1: Detox Water

The concept of detox water is every day more common and I promise it´s the loveliest decision you can take for your day. Add some slices of some fruits or vegetables to your thermos. In my case, for example I add some slices of lemon, cucumber, strawberries and mint. Your skin will clear up, you will feel more energized and hydrated. Detox water is a small change that you contribute significantly to your health. If you do not like the idea, then constantly drink water. Dehydration can cause migraines, muscle cramps or constipation.

Number 2: Exercise                                                                    

Start slowly. Don´t submit yourself to extenuated routines that you are just simply not used to. Start with twenty minutes of exercise, with a routine that you like. It can be dancing, walking or cardio. The exercise doesn’t have to be a gut-wrenching, iron-man type experience.

Number 3:  Sleep and rest

We all know the most common effects caused by the lack of sleep: fatigue, forgetfulness, drowsiness, bad mood. Take a small nap and sleep seven to eight hours during the night. If you do not rest or sleep well you will go around dragging yourself during the day or just feeling all anxious and erratic.

Number 4: Practice healthiness during the day.

 Instead of abusing of the sugary snacks we all like, choose some fruits and vegetables to eat for snacks. Instead of drinking three cups of coffee, start drinking just two or substitute those two hours of Netflix for a good book. Make this little choices during the day that during the long term will make a huge change.

Number 5: Love yourself

Make a list of all the things you love about yourself and accept them into your soul. Other ways of loving yourself can be: developing a skin care routine, relaxation techniques, taking a shower with your favorite bath bomb, two hours of no phone before sleep. Invest time in yourself, read, and stretch, use your favorite hair treatment and conditioner.


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