How God takes us from glory to glory

Today being Good Friday, I want to talk about how God takes us from glory to glory. Sometimes in life when are struck by negative news, sadness, grief and loss we tend to think “it will never get better for me” “I will never be happy again”. The interesting thing is that no matter how difficult or awful the situation you are going through is, God will eventually take you to a higher level, to a bigger glory, to happiness.

The crucifixion is the biggest and simplest way we can see this manifestation. Jesus had to endure temptation, rejection, the anguish of Gethsemane, betrayal, physical and psychological pain and extreme loneliness while hanging on the cross, all the while being a saint. During those last moments on the cross Jesus cried “Why have you forsaken me?” I am sure we have identified with Jesus multiple times, when things don´t go our way, when are hurt, when our plans don´t go the way we want, when are struggling financially, emotionally etc.

After dying Jesus resurrected and higher glory came to him, he was in heaven, enjoying being next to his father but I bet during those moments up the hill to Golgotha Jesus was in extreme pain, forgetting the glory that will later was to come to him.

So the moral of this short writing is that no matter the difficult situation you are going through, the closed doors that have been shut in front of your face recently, the grief, loss, frustration or anything negative that you are going through, it is all a part of God´s plan. The question is, do you trust him? It´s easy to trust him with the good, but do you trust him in the bad?

This Good Friday let go of all the preoccupation and sadness. Jesus already paid a high price, so why would you take his sacrifice for granted? Be faithful and know that no matter the situation, you will laugh again, you will smile and dance again and even though you think everything is lost: God will always take you to a higher glory.


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