Deja de buscar validación de los demás

Este artículo lo había querido trabajar hace ya días para motivar y empoderar a los jóvenes. En la vida, muchas veces nos distraemos, caemos erráticamente en la preocupación del que dirán otras personas, queriendo demostrar a las personas que estamos viviendo nuestra mejor vida u obligando a personas a que estén para nosotros cuando realmenteSigue leyendo “Deja de buscar validación de los demás”

Studying during quarantine

Many of us have to the wonderful task of studying during quarantine, whether they are tests for school, college, master´s degree etc. In my case, I have to study for my TOEFL and GRE exams I will do at the end of the year (if God allows). During quarantine it´s somehow hard to get theSigue leyendo “Studying during quarantine”

Five healthy habits you can start adopting during quarantine

                       Five healthy habits you can start adopting during quarantine By Jessi Arita Today I want to share with you some healthy habits you can start adopting for this quarantine, they are not big challenges or out of hand things, so don´t demotivate yourself. Slowly and gracefully start taking care of your body and mind.Sigue leyendo “Five healthy habits you can start adopting during quarantine”

How God takes us from glory to glory

Today being Good Friday, I want to talk about how God takes us from glory to glory. Sometimes in life when are struck by negative news, sadness, grief and loss we tend to think “it will never get better for me” “I will never be happy again”. The interesting thing is that no matter howSigue leyendo “How God takes us from glory to glory”