Don´t lose your focus

With all this pandemia and coronavirus problem, during this quarantine days I have actually asked myself, if the world was to end did I really grasped every day I had as an opportunity to get where I really want to be? Did I lose my focus on the days I took and granted and just dragged myself through?

During many points in our lives we will lose our focus on what´s our mission in life and start getting distracted on the day by day. Now I ask myself: what is it I wanted as a teenager when I started my career? What is it I really want on the long term? During all those years I studied journalism but in my heart I always wanted to work on diplomacy and international relations, and I wanted to study it. A year has passed since I graduated and I haven´t applied for my master’s degree. I wouldn’t consider that year of just working as a waste of time because I know I have gained a lot of experience regarding professional and personal things and it´s normal to have a break a year of after graduating of your career.

But what I have seen is a lot of people losing their focus year after year. Five, eight, ten years. Maybe I am applying this topic of losing your focus to superficial matters like studies and all that, but ask yourself: am I losing my focus on feeling happy and confident each day?

Have I lost my focus so much that I just wake up to survive the routine and go around with a defeated attitude? I am not going to lie because of course, I have lost my focus and I know many of you too. And that´s normal. Sometimes we just need a moment to analyze ourselves and to ask ourselves:

-Am I being happy?

-Do I feel confident in who I am?

-What is making me struggle every day?

-The things I am doing right now, are they trying to get me to where I want to be in a future?

What I want you guys is to not drag around the way, feeling defeated. Get your fire and passion back in life. Do not lose your focus. Every day is a special gift where we can learn a new thing, feel confident in who we are, love ourselves, feel happy and grow. Determine what your goals are in a year from now and work every day to achieve it. Sometimes we tend to get distracted by our daily problems that we think our lives only have to be that, surviving our crazy boss or the traffic.

Get your fire back and work for you because no one else will do it.


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