Loving yourself in the daily routine

Self-love, to me is the element that will determine how fully we live our lives. If we constantly wake up in the morning feelings insecure, not valuing ourselves, I promise people around us that do not have their best intentions will take advantage of that and we will walk around feeling irrelevant, affecting our daily encounters.

Self-love is something that you must practice each day. In this crazy world, sometimes putting ourselves first and spoiling ourselves will cause people to point us as selfish or egocentric but our bodies and minds, if not taken care of by ourselves won´t be taken care of by people around us. Have that clear.

I promise that it is totally normal to wake up sometimes feeling a big insecure or beat up, but we are human, and feeling good and bad things is normal.  The problem is when we let that feeling take possession of our days.

There are things in my daily routine that I practice that reinforce the self-love I have for myself, and I want to share them with you. It´s all a process but we must do little things each day that will make us feel better, make our days brighter.

First thing in the morning

I believe having a good night sleep is the key for our bodies and minds to function well, by doing that, we can wake up earlier. Why wake up early? Personally waking up early helps me to put my ideas and tasks that I have to do for the day in order. I feel more focused. Drinking coffee and looking at inspiring pinterest pictures to me is a cute routine. By waking up earlier I have the adequate time to moisturize my face, and choose the outfit for the day.

Natural look

I realized at some point I had reached an excellent confidence level when I discarded makeup for my days. Do it slowly. Using a natural look once in a while will help your skin and pores to breathe! Don´t be scared. Love your skin.

Stressful moments

During the day I know we encounter ourselves with a lot of stressful moments and stressful people! It tends to be a little difficult to stay poised and relaxed during those moments, but who will make up for your mental health at the end of the day? No one. Stay confident in yourself and in who you are, we can´t control everything that happens around us.

The key is not to put your daily happiness in the context around you. If you do that, your life will be a rollercoaster in motion. Do not allow that.

Surround yourself with positive sassy people

Loving yourself is not surrounding yourself with negative people, people that talk banal things or focus on criticizing people and everything around themselves. Hang around people that make you grow professionally and mentally, people with good intentions and that appreciate you. Respect yourself enough to pull away from people that drag you down.

There are MANY things that you can do each day to reinforce the self-love like:

Speaking up for the weak, taking care of your body, doing what you love with excellence, studying, following your dreams, falling in love, investing time with your family, forgiving yourself, praying, giving up the need for approval of others, making a list of your qualities and accomplishments, going to the spa  and more.

At the end of the day I just want you to know that you have this blog to feel connected and understood. I want to you to know that what you have felt we have all felt it and that we must lift each other up, inspire each other. You can email me at jessiarita7@gmail.com or follow me on twitter as @JessiArita .


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