My opinion on luxury brands

Chanel. Hermès, Gucci, Cartier, Dior, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Thomson Reuters, Prada, Hilton, Dolce&Gabanna and more. Just some of the most famous luxury brands you hear about nowadays.

 To be honest, I think being able to buy luxury brands and wear them on our daily lives is something the majority of us wouldn’t bother about and personally, I hope someday I get to work so damn hard that I can afford luxury brands for my casual days.

But there is something we must understand in fashion to be bappy and enjoy it, you don´t have to dress with a two thousand dollar shirt to look fine. Fashion has expanded to too many levels worldwide, fashion is variety and personal style and something that occurs is that we tend to buy for seasons. We buy a dress, wear it two times, and forget about it at the back of one of our racks, that´s why I believe sometimes buying luxury brands can be a double-edged weapon.

Some months ago I actually started to stress about the fact of visiting luxury brands online and feeling frustrated with the prices, believing I will only be accepted in the fashion world if I had the three set Chanel bag collection. The days afterward I took the decision of feeling confident with my non luxury brands and outfits.

Basically, the message I want to give to girls today is that you don´t have to dress luxury to look okay.  Maybe it´s a plus to say “My shoes are chanel” and if you can afford them, you are lucky, but then again, if you say “My shoes are Aldo”, feel good about it too.

On another part, a big mistake here, is buying imitations of the brand you buy. Better save for the original bag you really want. At the end of the day, quality will speak for itself.

At the end of the day you can buy luxury, but if you don´t work on your style, you are fooling yourself.

Global warming

I will be working a special article on fashion and global warming but this is a point we must remember in this article. In general ladies, just to remind you, whether you buy luxury brands or cheaper ones, the big textile industries are contaminating our environment, so to be honest, you don´t need to buy new clothes every single week. Buy classic garments that you think can combine with other pieces and protect the earth. 


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