My way through confidence.

Years ago, especially during my teenage years, I was a very insecure person. Worrying about my looks all the time, stressed our whether I would do okay in a professional activity. Entering the university I was still battling with insecurities but I can say two years ago things started to change. I started valuing who I was, my feelings, my looks, how I thought. I can say the way through confidence is not easy, especially when you have social media bombarding us each day with things that aren’t even true or maybe all the negativity around. I want to guide you to achieve the confidence that has made my personal and professional life work beautifully.

Self confidence is not something that you will suddenly achieve. It is a PROCESS, but a very beautiful one. In my blog I want to guide you to feel beautiful(inside and outside), to believe in your habilities and capabilities. To trust yourself. A big mistake people tend to do nowadays is comparison. People are constantly comparing themselves to another person’s looks or achievements, falling into envy and jealousy. If you want to start feeling empowered then you have to empower yourself. But don’t worry, together we will be learning and growing, and I really hope my blog helps you to adopt your style and security.

This weekend I will be posting: how to achieve self confidence, Five outfits for work, and outfits for your first months of pregnancy.

Please stay tuned. -jess.


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