Looking Beautiful in your Twenties

I recommend eyelash extensions to highlight your gaze.

Looking beautiful is something we cruelly worry about nowadays, women tend to buy makeup and extravagant earrings to feel in the mood and men put on their most elegant shirt yet I will always believe you can achieve looking and feeling beautiful with some tips I will share with you today.

1. Not wearing makeup in your twenties decade.

During my college years I used to be a great makeup fan, spending a lot of my weekends watching tutorials and investing a lot of my savings in makeup. Now I wonder why I would do a whole makeup process each day at such a young age. I honestly believe makeup is a beautiful hobby and an art, since makeup intends on accentuating your features, but after graduating and starting to work, one week I started missing my alarm making the task of makeup impossible during the morning. Arriving to work people started telling me I looked nice natural and I started believing it, I started to feel beautiful without makeup.  I realized it was actually quite unnecessary making up my face every single morning. Ladies, in your twenties your skin is naturally radiant and we should take care of it since in your thirties and forties the story will be different. My morning routine is summarized in brushing my lashes, brows and chapstick.

2. Skin Care is a whole body routine.

We tend to believe we must wash and hydrate our face only but that´s not the case. We must take care of our whole body! Exfoliate and hydrate your back, chest, neck, legs and arms. If you want your skin to look even more radiant you can try working out during the weeks and taking biotin supplements. My advice: exfoliate your body once every two weeks and use a good body lotion, I love Keri. Please read my article on the four products I recommend for 2020 http://fashionlifestyle.photo.blog/2020/01/01/four-natural-beauty-products-i-recommend-for-2020/ .

3. Drinking Water, Sleeping Enough.

A fundamental point in looking beautiful in your twenties. I personally drink five liters of water a day, I avoid sodas and sleep (If I can) eight or more hours a day. Ladies, when your body is hydrated you will feel better, your skin will feel and look smoother. Remember that water regulates body temperature and helps clean toxins out of your body. When we aren´t sleeping enough our face will speak for us and we tend to go around irritated, not feeling well.

4. Stay comfy.

Yes, I know you are in your golden age, and that wearing heels is a passion. But a pair of sweatpants and sneakers won´t harm anyone once in a while. Something that I´ve learned is to maintain the simplicity. Since you are in your golden age, remember, you don´t need much. When you aren´t just feeling it, give yourself permission to some sweatpants and basic t shirt. A hair bun or ponytail will do you just good. Feeling comfortable is the most important mission at the end of the day.

These were just some basic tips for you beautiful ladies. I know there are more out there, but if you start with these four, you will see how good things turn out, and you will start adopting better habits in the process. If you have another tip/idea I would like for you to share it below.

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Hugs and Kisses.


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