Fashion: The Do´s and Don’ts

I believe in fashion, as in life, there are certain rules we must follow. In this article we will be talking about the top do´s and don’ts that in my opinion should be followed in the fashion world.

Just so you know, I am no fashion expert but reading about the latest trends and combining the perfect outfits in my daily life is something I just do for fun.

But let´s waste no more time, here with, you ladies and gentlemen, the top 3 do´s:

1. Less is more 

I bet you have heard the famous phrase of “less is more”, that it can be applied in many aspects of life (except love). I will always be a fond defender of the “less is more” rule when it comes to fashion. When it comes to fashion I believe overdressing can be a big mistake. Let´s say you go to a gala party, it´s very likely that at some point you will consider the big earrings and extravagant dress, just remind Hollywood´s red carpet, actresses and singers tend to use simple, elegant garments, and the public always remembers the beautiful woman over everything else.

Don’t worry if you have made these mistakes in the past, we all deserve a second, third or even fourth chance. When you decide to wear the “more”, if you are not careful, during the day at some point you will feel uncomfortable. Young ladies, for the everyday at the office, you never know what you may encounter. Late minute assignments that will lead you staying late, or being involved in activities. Take it from me ladies, beauty is in simplicity.

2. Hold on to a few of your favorite outdated pieces. You never know!

We wake up one morning and we want to reorganize our bedroom, and that includes the closet. You open it and start throwing into the “to give away” bag all the garments that are out of season. Weeks pass, months pass, or even a year passes by and you start wondering where that red shirt with the white pearls is ¿did I throw It away? You ask yourself. To us, fashion lovers, those are nerve wrecking seconds.

I am not saying you shouldn´t get rid of pieces you don’t wear anymore, I am just saying that you should be more careful in that crucial moment of giving away your clothes, considering, fashion trends come and go and come back all of the time.

3. Balance the garments while accentuating your strengths.

There is a simple rule I want to share with you today: if you are wearing a short garment regarding dresses or skirts, your blouse/dress should be long sleeved. If you are wearing a long skirts or pants, it´s okay if your shirt or blouse is low cut. It will be tacky if you wear low cut shirts and short skirts or shorts.

In this point we will point out the importance of accentuating strengths, if you like your legs, don´t be scared of wearing those sexy skirts.

Those were just three of the top do´s that I follow in my daily life. Let´s continue with the DON´TS:

1. Don’t wear too many colors at once.

Just don´t. Wearing too many colors at once could be confusing, worse if they mismatch. If you are new in the matching colors thing, I would recommend you start taking black as the base color, the color with which you start your outfit. When you learn to combine with black as the base, then you can start doing more daring combinations without passing the line.

Another mistake would be combining prints and patterns. Let´s say you have a leopard printed scarf, it would be best if you combine it with just a color, for example, a black dress, or black pants and a white shirt.

It´s okay to love colors, they make us feel more feminine and in touch with ourselves, but that doesn´t mean we should lose the perspective while combining them.

2. Those big, unmanageable High heels!

If you can´t handle it, don´t wear them. It took me half a year to learn how to walk properly in high heels, or walk on stairs treads in them. It´s a craft we learn to master with time.

Start with short heels, you don’t necessarily need those five inches heels to look elegant and beautiful. First learn how to walk and run in the shorter ones, when you feel prepared enough you can go for the five inches heels. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend them that high, you could break your ankle and they are not that classy. Adopt a Marilyn Monroe/Grace Kelly look.

3. Most important: Don´t wear anything for another person´s sake!

If you feel uncomfortable in it, don’t wear it. Just don’t. I don’t care if your mother, boyfriend or friend tells you to wear it, if you don´t feel like yourself in it, that will eventually show off.

Always stand up for your style and accept yourself for who you are. Don´t pose a style that is not yours. Just empower your style and make the best out of it, that way, it will be others that will be looking up to you for fashion decisions.


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