Just life

Llega un punto en nuestras vidas donde tenemos que detenernos aunque sea por un momento y reflexionar en los lejos que hemos llegado, los obstáculos que hemos sobrepasado y los que sabemos que en un futuro tendremos que sobrepasar. Hoy en este artículo quiero compartir con ustedes esas 16 cosas que aprendí a mis 23Sigue leyendo “Just life”

My French Riviera Experience

Welcome to my blog once more, today I will share with you some parts of the French Riviera that I visited for the FIRST time ever! Of course I was very excited and nervous, but the combination of those things made everything even more magical! I want to share with you today my experiences inSigue leyendo “My French Riviera Experience”

Six Top Places to visit in Madrid

1. Gran Vía “If you are at Gran Vía you are not home, yet you won´t even miss it!”, was one the headers at Gran Vía and certainly true. Primark, Lefties and Zara were my favorite shops at Gran Vía. Gran Vía starts at Alcalá Street and ends at Plaza de España, it is verySigue leyendo “Six Top Places to visit in Madrid”

Puerta de Sol and my favorite Foods in Madrid

In this blog I want to share with you just some of the beautiful places I visited in Madrid, one of them being Puerta de Sol. Puerta de Sol Sol, the heart of Madrid, was the place I felt the best at considering the people and their motion, the streets and shops nearby, the bars,Sigue leyendo “Puerta de Sol and my favorite Foods in Madrid”

Fashion: The Do´s and Don’ts

I believe in fashion, as in life, there are certain rules we must follow. In this article we will be talking about the top do´s and don’ts that in my opinion should be followed in the fashion world. Just so you know, I am no fashion expert but reading about the latest trends and combiningSigue leyendo “Fashion: The Do´s and Don’ts”

Madrid Royal Palace

My arrival to Madrid was a little bit chilling. I knew the temperatures were quite low during November and I took some cute and big coats, but I realized I didn´t have the special clothing to survive the streets so I ran off the Primark to buy some thermal socks. Buying those black thermal socksSigue leyendo “Madrid Royal Palace”